About Slik

Slik company has been established in 1992. The company’s founders were participants of AutoVaz car rally team. Its business scope is: production and selling of forged wheels made of light aluminum alloys under Slik trademark.

At the beginning of its activity the company had 2 metal working machines only. Now it is a present-day production, there are 15 units of metal machining equipment and an integrated coloring line (powder polymer and liquid coating materials). In the staff there are design engineers who are responsible for development of new designs. Slik company’s partners are Russian leading metallurgical plants..

Slik company constantly works on improvement of production technical process to enhance performance characteristics of the products and their competitive capacity. The company is tightly linked to the car sport world; its products are used for many domestic racing cars in different types of car sports including international ones.

Slik’s forged wheels are produced by hot die forging and painted by special antirusting paint and covered by lacquer. Lightness and strength of the forged wheels is due to fiber and solid structure of metal. Such wheels are stronger by 150% - 200% , by 3-4 times more durable and by 30% lighter than alloy wheels.

The forged wheels are more expensive than the alloy wheels but it is not correct to compare them because the production technology of a forged wheel is more difficult and costlier than alloy one and it allows to get the wheel with high performance.

Nowadays Slik company produces the forged wheels which are highly competitive in quality, appearance and variety of designs with the best international manufacturers of the forged wheels, and its prices are much lower than foreign analogues have.

Our team has been with you since 1992!

Now Slik company produces products in several ways:

  • Classical forged wheels. Classical styling and small weight. Size range is from 14 to 20 inches;
  • Sporting wheels. The Wheels are for sporting competitions. They have higher fatigue strength in comparison with ordinary Slik products. It allows using these wheels for sporting competitions where they suffer from extreme load.;
  • Premium forged wheels. The wheels have complex styling with engraving, with various bevels, fillet in compliance with global trends in car tuning;
  • Customized forged wheels can be made for all sizes of the forged wheels. Production of the wheels is realized in compliance with the styling chosen by a customer and his car’s design. Work with the customer is performed at all stages of wheel creation.

Our company has necessary technical capacity to develop forged wheels of any complexity and design. Every year Slik make 5-6 new products in each size.

Slik is a solid team which works to reach high results.

Where you can buy Slik products.

Supply of the branded wheels is possible to perform to any part of Russia. There is an on-line shop on the web-site where you can order required goods. You can check a list of the dealers on the corresponding web-site page.

All wheels are produced in accordance with GOST and TR (technical requirements). Periodic certification tests are made.

The policy of personal data processing.

Please call us at +7 (8482) 63-53-68 or send e-mail to sale@slikcom.ru