Slik «Classic» series

Slik Classic is a series which includes variety of classical designs produced by Slik company. It is laconic and well-calibrated geometry, recognizable styling. Moreover it is reliable and proved wheel design.
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Wide range of colors
Simple and laconic shapes
Recognizable styling

Slik «Sport» series

Slik Sport is a wheel series for sporting competitions. It is sport styling, strengthened design for achieving maximal results.
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Split second plays big role
Guaranteed result
Strengthened design

Slik «Premium» series

Slik Premium is a series complied with last car trends. These wheels consist of complex elements: engraving, recess, bevels, fillet. The wheels of this series will accentuate your individuality.
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Stylish appearance of car
Perfection of geometry
Variety of painting
Modern design

Slik «Tuning PRO» series

Range of wheels with non-standard parameters: increased rim width, ET for track expansion. A feature of the range is concave design (Concave). For people and cars requiring non-standard solutions.
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Dynamic design
Individual appearance of the car
Increased wheel width

Slik Forged – forged wheels with strong spirit

Nowadays Slik company produces the forged wheels which are highly competitive in quality, appearance and variety of designs with the best international manufacturers of the forged wheels.
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